Winter Parking Restrictions

The City of Rosemount enforces winter parking restrictions from November 1 through March 31 each year. The restriction is necessary so that the City’s snowplow drivers can clear streets safely and efficiently. Violators will be subject to fines, towing, and/or impoundment at the vehicle owner’s expense.

 Rosemount City Code prohibits parking on any public street, highway, or alley:

  • every day between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., regardless of the weather
  • anytime snowfall, wind, or other weather condition has resulted in a snow accumulation of two or more inches, until the street, highway, or alley is plowed curb to curb.

Snowplowing Notices

Sign up to be notified by text and/or email when snowplowing operations begin. Choose "Snowplowing updates" under the heading Alert Center.

Order of Snow Clearing Operations 

Plowing is prioritized around Rosemount in the following order: 

  1. Streets or lots defined as Priority Routes. These include main collector streets and high-volume thoroughfares. 
  2. Streets providing access to schools and commercial businesses.
  3. Low volume residential streets. 
  4. City Parking lots. 
  5. Sidewalks, trails, ice rinks.


    Sidewalk and Trails Plowing Map

Snowplowing Damage

The City will repair sod and mailboxes that have been damaged by direct impact with a snowplow. The City is not responsible for damage to mailboxes that are knocked over by snow rolling off the plow, damage to improperly-installed mailboxes, or damage to sprinkler heads or landscaping installed in the right-of-way. Please keep all items, such as garbage cans, basketball hoops, and hockey nets at least four feet back from the curb to avoid potential damage from a plow.

Mailboxes only which are damaged by contact from a plow will receive temporary repairs/replacement by the City to accommodate mail delivery until permanent repairs can be made.  A permanent replacement standard and basic mailbox will be provided by the City when weather conditions allow, typically in the following spring.  Property owners wishing to repair a damaged mailbox themselves may be eligible for reimbursement up to $160 (2022 single-mailbox replacement rate), depending on the actual cost of materials. Original store receipts must be provided, the cost of labor will not be reimbursed, and reimbursement will occur only after the repairs are verified by the City to be compliant with standards.

Property owners can minimize plowing damage to their yards by driving stakes at the edge of their property to give plow drivers a guide. Four-foot wood laths that are painted orange at the top should be placed in the ground six inches from the edge of the road, and should be spaced 25 feet apart. Stakes can be picked up free of charge at the Public Works Garage, 14425 Brazil Avenue, weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. from October 1 through November 30.

Residents with questions or concerns about snowplowing may contact Rosemount Public Works at 651-322-2022.

You can report snow plow damage using our online reporting tool

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