Home Occupations

People outside house shaking hands.Home Occupations are defined as: a gainful occupation conducted in a residential building which is clearly secondary and incidental to the principal residential use of said building and generates no appreciable increase in traffic at any time over that customarily associated with a residential use. (City Code 11-2-16)

  • Home Occupations must not have any impact upon the residential nature of the home; this includes a sign, employees, storage, traffic or any activity outside of the residence.
  • Home occupations shall be conducted solely by persons residing in the residence.
  • All business activity and storage shall take place within structures.
  • There shall be no alteration to the exterior of the residential dwelling, accessory building or yard that in any way alters the residential character of the premises.
  • No sign, display or device identifying the occupation shall be used.
  • The occupation shall not be visible or audible from any property line.
  • Said occupation shall not involve the retail sale or rental of products on the premises.
  • Unless completely enclosed within an approved structure, no vehicle used in the conduct of the occupation shall be parked, stored or otherwise be present at the premises other than such as is customarily used for domestic or household purposes such as a van or ¾ ton truck.
  • Only on-site off-street parking facilities normal for a residential use shall be used.
  • The conduct of an occupation or the use of substances which may be hazardous to or may in any way jeopardize the health, safety or welfare of neighbors and neighboring property shall not be permitted.

If you are unsure whether your home occupation is appropriate for your location call the Code Enforcement Office at 651-322-2093 for further information. We will do all we can to assist you in bringing your home occupation into compliance for your location.