Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Comprehensive Plan describes the development of Rosemount through 2040. The Comprehensive Land Use Map describes the areas (Metropolitan Urban Service Area or MUSA) eligible to receive urban utilities and the future land uses of the lands that will develop through 2040. The MUSA and land uses are used to determine the timeliness of plats or subdivisions or the appropriate zoning district during rezoning. If a subdivision or rezoning request is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan, then a Comprehensive Plan Amendment is required.

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment requires a public hearing with the Planning Commission before City Council review. Neighboring property owners will be notified of the public hearing and a public hearing notice will be published in the Dakota County Tribune. The Metropolitan Council will need to approve the Comprehensive Plan Amendment if the City Council approves the Amendment. The Metropolitan Land Planning Act (Minnesota Statutes 473.851 through 473.867) addresses Comprehensive Plans.