Interim Use Permits and Mineral Extraction

Some uses are temporary or seasonal in nature, such as Christmas tree, garden plant, or firework sales. For these uses, an Interim Use Permit can be issued that can regulate the temporary impacts resulting from those uses. The City Code addresses Interim Use Permits within Section 11-10-8.

Additionally, there are many uses that are incompatible with development, such as waste management or mineral extraction, but may be suitable before the development occurs. The SKB landfill along MN Hwy 55 has an Interim Use Permit, while mineral extraction has its own regulations covered by a Small Scale Mineral Extraction Permit for mines less than eighty (80) acres total area and a Large Scale Mineral Extraction Permit mining that would occupy more than eighty (80) acres. The City Code addresses Small Scale and Large Scale Mineral Extraction Permits within Sections 11-10-4 and 11-10-4-1.

An Interim Use Permit or mineral extraction permit requires a public hearing with the Planning Commission before City Council review. Neighboring property owners will be notified of the public hearing and a public hearing notice will be published in the Dakota County Tribune.