If a development proposed for a property is not allowed in the current zoning district of a property, then a rezoning change be requested to change the zoning district to a district that permits the proposed development. A rezoning is commonly applied inconjuction with a preliminary plat or a site plan review application. A rezoning will consider the Comprehensive Plan Land Use designation of the property to determine the appropriateness of the rezoning. If the rezoning request is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan Land Use designation, then a comprehensive plan amendment may first be required.

A rezoning requires a public hearing with the Planning Commission before City Council review. Neighboring property owners will be notified of the public hearing and a public hearing notice will be published in the Dakota County Tribune.

Changes to the text of a zoning district requires a separate zoning ordinance text amendment.

The City Code addresses Rezonings within Section 11-10-11.

Rezoning Application
Fee: $1,500