Electrical Permits

1. Minimum fee $40.00 for each separate inspection of an installation, replacement, alteration or repair limited to only one inspection.

2. Administrative fee $10.00 for each permit.

3. State surcharge $1.00 is to be added to each permit.

4. Electrical Service – new service, changes to service, temporary services, additions, alterations or repairs on either primary or secondary services shall be computed separately.

0 to 100 ampere capacity $ 20.00
101 to and including 200 ampere capacity $ 25.00
For each additional 100 ampere capacity or fraction thereof $   8.00

5. Circuits - installation of, additions, alterations or repairs of each circuit or sub-feeder shall be computed separately, including circuits fed from sub-feeders and including the equipment served, except as provided for in Items 4 through 9.

0 to and including 30 ampere capacity $   7.00
           (Maximum number of 1-30 ampere circuits to be paid on is 30 to any one cabinet) EXCEPTING SINGLE FAMILY ABOVE
31 to and including 100 ampere capacity $   8.00
For each additional 100 ampere capacity or fraction thereof $   5.00

6. Street lighting/Traffic signals – in addition to the above fees:

A charge of $4.00 will be made for each street lighting standard.  A charge of $5.00 will be made for each traffic signal standard. Circuits originating within the standard will not be used when computing fees.

7. Transformers/Generators
- in addition to the above fees:

All transformers and generators for light, heat and power will be computed separately at $5.00 per unit plus $0.25 per KVA up to and including 100 KVA. 101 KVA and over will be computed at $ .20 per KVA

All Transformers for signs and outline lighting shall be computed at $4.00 for the first 500 VA or fraction thereof per unit plus $.40 for each additional 100 VA or fraction thereof.

8. Remote control/Signal Circuits/ Low Voltage - in addition to the above fees (unless included in the fee filed by the initial installer):

Remote control, signal circuits and circuits of less than 50 volts shall be computed at $6.00 per each ten (10) openings or devices of each system plus $.50 for each additional opening.

9. Plan review
- for review of plans and specifications of proposed installations there shall be a minimum fee of $100.00 up to and including $30,000.00 of electrical estimate, plus 1/10 of one percent (1%) on any amount in excess of $30,000.00 to be paid by persons or firms requesting the review. 

10. Re-inspection - when is necessary to determine whether unsafe conditions have been corrected and such conditions are not subject to an appeal pending before any court, a re-inspection fee of $40.00 may be assessed in writing by the inspector.

11. Other inspections - for inspections not covered herein, or for requested special inspections or services, the fee of $32.00 per man hour, including travel time, plus the standard IRS allowed mileage reimbursement per mile traveled, plus the reasonable cost of equipment or material consumed.  This section is also applicable to inspection of empty conduits and such jobs as determined by the City.

12. Transient Projects - for inspection of transient projects including, but not limited to carnivals and circuses the inspection fees shall be computed as follows:

Power supply units according to item 2 of the fee schedule.  A like fee will be required on power supply units at each engagement during the season, except that a fee of  $50.00 will be charged for additional time spent by the inspector if the power supply is not ready for inspection at the time and date specified on the Request for Inspection as required by law. 

Rides, devices or concessions shall be inspected at their first appearance of the season and the inspection fee shall be $35.00 per unit.

13. High Voltage
- fees for services, feeders and circuits operating at over 250 volts shall be double those listed in items 2 and 3 above.