Accessory Building - 200 Square Feet or Less

Printable Handout for Small Accessory Buildings

Small Accessory Buildings are defined as buildings 200 square feet in floor area or smaller.

In the City of Rosemount, in all agricultural and residential zoning districts small accessory buildings 200 square feet in size or smaller do not require a building permit. There are however regulations for small accessory buildings which you must be aware of and incorporate into your design and construction.

Although a permit may not be required, the following conditions apply to small accessory buildings:

1.      They may not be placed closer than 30 feet to a street side or front yard property line.

2.      They may not be placed closer than 10 feet to any side property line or 5 feet to any rear property lines in most zoning districts. Setbacks are subject to zoning requirements. Please verify with the Planning Department.

3.      The structures must be placed so as not to obstruct or change direction of storm water run-off from your property or your neighbors

4.      In no case shall the structure be placed in easements. (When/if you place any structure on a legal easement you will be responsible for moving the structure. Keep this in mind when placing your accessory building.)

5.      The accessory building must be 3 feet away from a house – minimum.

6.      Exterior treatments (siding and roofing) should be carefully considered. There are no specific treatment requirements for accessory buildings under 200 square feet, but it should complement the buildings in the neighborhood. For accessory buildings over 200 square feet the building must comply with ordinance 11-5-2A.6. The ordinance requires the exterior have 3 to 12 roof pitch, asphalt shingles and siding must be identical or nearly matching the principal structure.

7.      The maximum height of the building is 18 feet.