Patios / Slabs

Printable Handout for Patios/Slabs

Permit and Fees

A Building Permit is required for the installation of patios and/or concrete slabs - including pavers.

The permit fee is $50.00.

Specific Requirements

  • Patio/Slab shall not encroach into drainage and utility easements.
  • Patio/Slab shall not negatively impact surface water drainage.
  • Patio/Slab shall be setback a minimum of 5 feet from any side or rear lot line and a minimum of 15 feet from any front or street-side lot line. Consult your property records or contact City Hall to determine the location of any easements on your property and property lot lines.
  • The allowable size of a patio/slab is subject to the impervious (hard) surface standards for your property. These standards range from 30 to 75 percent depending on the Zoning classification of your property. Please contact the Planning Department for the Zoning classification of your property and the corresponding impervious surface coverage standard.
  • Please be aware of all building code requirements regarding steps, handrails, and guardrails that may be required for steps into structures (house, garage). Call Building Inspections at (651) 322 2024 and ask for an inspector if you have questions.