Swimming Pools

Printable Handout for Swimming Pools

Permit and Fees

A swimming pool application is required for all pools of 5000 gallons or more in capacity. Pool decks, fences, and enclosures also require separate permits. The fee for a swimming pool permit is $150.00, plus State surcharge.

Plan Submittal

  • A completed pool permit application form.
  • Two (2) sets of plans and/or specification of the pool (must show pool design, size, depth, liner type, pool heater types and specifications, sidewalks, and pool capacity)
  • Two (2) copies of the lot survey showing placement of the pool (include existing side yard elevations, existing rear lot corner elevations, site drainage patterns and verification that drainage and utility easements will not be modified), percentage of lot covered by impervious surface both with and without pool (see below diagram). Note: water surface area does not count toward the impervious surface coverage. Location of the septic system, tank/s and drain-field absorption area, must also be identified
  • Fencing details (location and height) are required for permit application. A separate fence permit application should be submitted.

Specific Requirements

  • Pools shall not be located within ten (10) feet of any side or rear lot line nor shall they be placed within six (6) feet of any principal structure. Pools may not be placed within any required easement. Pools must not be located below overhead utility lines nor over underground utility lines or within ten (10) feet of the septic system tank/s and within twenty (20) feet of the septic drain-field. When any portion of a pool deck or patio is with five (5) feet horizontally and five (5) feet vertically of any glass or glazing the glass must be safety tempered.
  • The filter unit, pump, cleaning unit, heater, etc. must be located thirty (30) feet from adjacent residential structures and no closer than ten (10) feet from any lot line.
  • All in-ground pools must be enclosed by a four (4) foot high, minimum, non-climbable fence. Gates or doors in the fence shall be equipped with a self-closing, self latching device and must be provided with a locking device. (See the fence handout for additional guidelines.) Above ground pools that have a sidewall four (4) foot high or higher are not required to have additional fencing provided the pool has a lockable or removable ladder to prevent access to the pool.
  • Safety fences must be provided at all times during construction.
  • Required pool fencing must be installed within three weeks following installation of a pool and prior to the pool being filled. The fence must be installed for final inspection.
  • Water from pool drains or splash shall drain on the owner’s property or into an approved public drainage. No water shall be allowed to drain onto adjacent private property. A means must be provided so water also does not drain up against any foundation wall or structure.
  • Pools may not be filled from city fire hydrants.


All wiring, heating, plumbing, grading, etc. are subject to inspection. Such construction shall require appropriate permits and be in accordance with state codes and regulations. Pools and accessories must also be installed in conformance with Rosemount City Code, Title 5, Chapter 3.

Swimming Pool Diagram