Bicycling Information

Source: - Dan Burden

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Whether you like to bicycle for short trips to a local destination, head out on a short (or long) recreational ride or commute to your job, Rosemount is a great place for bicycling. The City’s Bicycle Facilities Map shows designated bike routes, bike parking and popular destinations throughout the community. Many of these destinations are the same places we go everyday (the movies, library, schools, downtown or the grocery store) and are within 3 miles or less than 15 minutes by bike. The Rosemount Cycling Club offers numerous recreational routes within town, the surrounding county and beyond. Below are links to maps, smartphone apps, and other resources to help make your bicycle trip safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. Overall, Rosemount offers more than 34 miles of off-street trails, nearly 20 miles of on-road local, county, and state designated bike routes and 534 designated bike parking stalls.