Garage Sale Standards

Temporary garage sales shall comply with the following requirements:
  • Sales shall not be more than four (4) successive days in duration.
  • No more than three (3) such sales are permitted on the premises in a calendar year.
  • There shall be at least one month between sales on the same premises.
  • Garage sale signs are subject to the following standards:
    • Signs are permitted on private property only and may be placed only upon approval of the property owner.
    • Signs are prohibited, except from four thirty o'clock (4:30) P.M. Thursdays to eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. on Mondays.
    • Signs are limited to four (4) square feet in size and three feet (3') in height.
    • Signs shall not be placed farther than six (6) blocks or a 1.5 mile radius, whichever is greater, from the garage sale.
    • Signs shall be set back at least five feet (5') from the street surface and shall not be located within the twenty five foot (25') sight triangle of an intersection.
    • Signs are limited to two (2) signs per garage sale per intersection. These signs shall not be located closer than one block from another sign containing information about the same garage sale except that these signs may be located on the opposite corners of the same intersection.