Police Chaplains

The Rosemount Police Department has an active group of volunteer Chaplains. Coming from different denominational backgrounds, our Chaplains are ready to assist the Department in any way they can. They are often called upon to be present at the scene of a death, where they can spend time with the survivors and help them through the first, very difficult moments of beginning to grieve. In addition to this, Chaplains make ourselves available to the Department to offer words of encouragement and support. We have a fantastic team of Officers in Rosemount and Chaplains want to help them be at their very best.

The work as Chaplains is really about having a ministry of presence. They want to be there, wherever "there" is, at the right time to offer themselves in service to our community.

If you have questions about what they do or you would like more details about how to become a volunteer Chaplain, you can contact Lead Chaplain Bruce Bentley by email.