Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a cooperative effort between the Rosemount Police Department and individual neighborhoods within the City. Quite simply, this program functions by neighbors keeping watch over each others homes and property.

The program begins by neighbors getting to know one another and becoming familiar with each other’s routines. This allows neighbors to recognize more easily unusual persons and circumstances in the neighborhood. If suspicious activity arises, neighbors report it to the Police immediately so it can be checked.

Getting Started

To ensure that the Neighborhood Watch program remains effective, certain guidelines must be met. Without guidelines, some neighborhoods would simply put up the Watch signs but not follow through with the requirements of the program. By abiding by established standards, participating Watch Blocks make the program successful for all.

The following steps must be taken in order to become a part of Rosemount’s Neighborhood Watch:

  1. The first step is to invite your neighbors to a meeting (at least 50% of the neighborhood residents must attend). A Police Officer will also attend the meeting to share information about crime prevention. This will include at least four areas of information:
    1. Purpose and operation of the Neighborhood Watch program.
    2. Reporting crime and suspicious activity.
    3. Crime prevention techniques for protecting you and your property.
    4. Neighborhood concerns and livability issues, i.e. property maintenance, animal control, noise complaints or traffic concerns.
  2. At the conclusion of the meeting your neighborhood must either volunteer or elect residents to be the Block Captain and Co-Captain. The Captains are expected to do the following:
    1. Work with you neighbors to hold a Night to Unite block party the first Tuesday in August each year.
    2. Welcome any new residents to the neighborhood and explain the Neighborhood Watch program to them.
    3. Be attentive to any neighborhood problems that arise and contact the Police Department so the issue can be addressed.
    4. Assist the Police Department in the distribution of any Crime Alerts or other informational literature provided by the Department.

For more information, contact the Police Department at 651-423-4491.