DCC (9-1-1 Services)

Public safety dispatching services are provided by the Dakota Communications Center (DCC), located just south of Rosemount near 160th Street and Highway 3. The DCC operates under a joint powers agreement that includes Rosemount, ten other cities, and Dakota County.

9-1-1 is not just for emergencies

Call it for any situation which requires the response of police, fire, or emergency medical personnel. This includes non-emergency situations such as reporting a crime, a traffic situation, or suspicious activity. The dispatcher will ask questions to help assure the proper level of response and assure that emergencies receive the highest priority. 9-1-1 should not be used for information-only purposes.

Register to receive emergency notices

The DCC operates a mass notification system by telephone. It provides alerts for specific areas. Traditional "landline" phones are automatically included. Residents and businesses in Dakota County can self-register their cellular and other contact telephone numbers, along with email addresses, that they would like alerted in the event of an emergency in the area of their residence or business. [Register your phone.]