Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Rosemount has been working for the last two years to update its 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

What’s your view?

The draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan is currently out for public comment. The City has presented the document to the City Council and Planning Commission, who have approved the Plan for public comment. That means that communities adjacent to Rosemount, along with all Rosemount residents and interested parties, have the opportunity to review the draft document and provide comment for the next six months, until April 1, 2019. All comments will be reviewed by the City and appropriate changes will made to the Plan. 

The Comprehensive Plan contains 12 chapters, which are each found below. The Plan deals with future land uses in the City; where sewer and water will be extended; and locations for new parks and trails. Each section has a set of goals and policies along with implementation strategies. The City will use the Plan for decision making for the next ten years, and the Plan will be amended from time to time as new issues arise in the City. 

The Comprehensive Plan Update is a lengthy process and a lot of technical work still needs to be done. The technical plans and the entire draft document will continue to be fine-tuned during the six-month comment period. Questions about the Comprehensive Plan Update should be directed to Anthony Nemcek, Senior Planner, at or (651) 322-2090.