Residential Energy Rebates and Programs

Looking for advice on how you can cut energy costs? Are you considering upgrading your lighting or buying new appliances? Do you need assistance with energy-related repairs or paying your energy bills?

If so, discover rebate, education, assistance, and financing programs available to you. Follow these steps to:

  1. Know Your Utility Provider
  2. Find Out How You Can Increase Efficiency and Comfort in Your Home
  3. Discover Rebates and Programs
  4. Explore Financing Options

First Step – Know Your Utility Provider

There are four utilities serving Rosemount residents. If you aren’t sure who your provider is for electricity or natural gas, review your utility bills. Below are the utilities serving Rosemount:

  • Electricity Providers
    • Dakota Electric Association
    • Xcel Energy
  • Natural Gas Providers
    • Minnesota Energy Resources
    • Xcel Energy
    • CenterPoint Energy

You can also use maps to help you identify your electricity provider [PDF] and natural gas provider [PDF].

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Second Step – Find Out How You Can Increase Efficiency and Comfort in Your Home

Having a home energy audit is a great way to learn about how your home uses energy and find ways to reduce costs and improve comfort year round. Curious about what happens during a home energy audit? Here's a video to answer your questions

Depending on your utility provider, these energy audit services are available to Rosemount residents:  

Home Energy Squad®: Jointly offered to Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy customers, the Home Energy Squad helps you learn about energy-saving opportunities in your home and installs certain energy-saving materials on the spot for no extra cost.

In-Home Energy-Saving Audits: Minnesota Energy Resources offers energy audits that include an in-home visit and energy-efficient suggestions to improve the comfort, durability, safety, and affordability of your home. Two levels of audits are available, depending on your budget and needs.

Additionally, Energy Star recommends the following 6 high impact improvements to save thousands in energy costs: clean heating & cooling, super-efficient water heaters, smart thermostats, well-insulated & sealed attics, high performing storm/windows, and getting electric ready (i.e. having an electrical system sufficient to handle all electric appliances and electric vehicle charging).  You can learn more at the Energy Star Home Upgrade page.  Most of the 6 high impact improvements will be reviewed during an energy audit and may qualify for rebates from your utility provider and federal income tax credits/incentives.     

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Third Step – Discover Rebates and Programs

Your utility offers a wide variety of rebates and programs to help you save energy and money. Select your utility provider from the list below to learn what programs are available.

Xcel Energy (Electric and or Natural Gas): Home energy efficiency audits, affordable energy program, heating and cooling programs, LED light bulb savings, and equipment and appliance rebates.

Dakota Electric Association (Electric): Rebates for lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and ENERGY STAR® appliances. Incentives are available for home solar installations and electric vehicle chargers. Members may also be eligible for zero- or low-interest loans.

Minnesota Energy Resources (Natural Gas): Home energy audits and workshops, rebates for improvements to your home’s insulation, heating system, water heater, and appliances, and programs for new homes. Weatherization programs available for income-eligible customers.

CenterPoint Energy (Natural Gas): Home energy audits, rebates for heating systems, programmable thermostats, furnace and boiler tune ups, and water heaters, and rebates for air sealing and insulation. Income-qualified programs available for eligible customers.

Additionally, the Federal Government offers offers income tax credits for qualifying heating & cooling, water heating, insulation, window & exterior door, electrical panel, and clean energy improvements.  Some home energy audits may qualify for tax credits too.  

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Final Step – Explore Financing Options

Finding it hard to afford energy-efficient improvements? Need help filling the gap to fund a project? Low-interest loan programs are available to help.

Home Energy Loan Program: Center for Energy and Environment offers low-interest loans for Minnesota homeowners to make energy improvements in their homes.

Fix Up Program: Minnesota Housing offers affordable, low-interest rate loans for eligible energy conservation improvements.

Home Improvement Loan Program: This statewide program was established to encourage and support the preservation of existing housing. The program provides loans to improve the basic livability and/or energy efficiency of the borrower's home.

Home Improvement Loan Program: Dakota County Community Development Agency helps low- and moderate-income homeowners make repairs and improvements to their home.

Solar Financing: If you’re considering installing photovoltaic (PV) solar technology on your home, Center for Energy and Environment offers low-interest loans for Minnesota homeowners.