Special Event Permit

Block parties are allowed in Rosemount on low-volume resident streets, dead-end streets, or cul-de-sacs. No thoroughfares or collector streets may be used. There are several block parties in the City each year.

To hold a special event (block party), a resident or group of residents must fill out a special event application and file it with the City Clerk. Applications must be turned in at least five business days in advance of the party. If the special event is approved, barricades will be delivered if requested to the applicant’s address and should be returned to the same location for pick up following the event.

There is no fee for a special event permit.

Food Truck Permit

On May 5, 2021, City Council established a Mobile Food Unit Ordinance. All mobile food units must comply with the ordinance to operate within the city. Those wanting to apply for a permit must fill out a special event application and file it with the City Clerk.

If you have any questions on the new ordinance or application, contact the City Clerk's office.

Recycling and organics requirements for events

Dakota County requires event sponsors to ensure trash and recycling are collected at all events. Beginning 2024, City Code 5.1 requires food scraps to be collected in back-of-house areas (non-public areas) for events with at least 300 people that generate at least one ton (8 cubic yards) of trash per location. The city offers free assistance and collection containers to help these meet requirements:

  1. Have recycling service: Provide recycling service through a contract with a hauler or self-haul recyclables.  Collected recyclables, food scraps – if collected, and trash must be delivered to a facility permitted to accept it.
  2. Recycle designated materials: Provide recycling containers in buildings and on grounds to collect Dakota County’s Designated Recyclables from event participants. 
  3. Locate recycling containers with trash containers: Wherever there is a trash container, there must be a recycling container within 10 feet in all indoor and outdoor locations, including on property grounds. Recycling containers must be large enough to collect all recyclables, and not overflowing.
  4. Label containers: Label each indoor and outdoor containers according to County labeling requirements. Replace labels if they become damaged, unreadable or if text or images conflict with county label requirements.
  5. Provide recycling education: Provide standardized recycling education at least once a year to employees, event volunteers and contractors who manage event waste. Provide education within 30 days of hire and within 30 days of a substantial change to the waste and recycling program. Education must cover what and how to recycle in accordance with requirements listed on Dakota County’s website.