Outdoor Skating Rinks

The outdoor rinks are officially closed for the season. 

Please note: due to the everchanging situation, daily operations of buildings may change. There may be some days when hours are shortened or in some instances closed. Advanced notification of change may not be possible, so we are asking patrons of our outdoor rinks to be prepared in the event that this may happen. To help with this, extra benches/picnic tables have been placed at each rink(s) and all rink lights have been placed on timers that will turn on at approximately 4pm and shut off at 9pm.

Warming House Locations:

Central Park - 2893 145th Street W

Jaycee Park* - 15425 Shannon Parkway

Bloomfield Park* - 14225 Bloomfield Path

*Jaycee and Bloomfield Park rinks are used by Rosemount Area Hockey Assoc. from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Warming House Closing Policy:

1. If the temperature is -10 degrees F; and/or

2. If the windchill is -25 degrees F; or

3. If snow accumulates on the rink and the rink has not yet been cleared. The City parks maintenance will clear the rinks as soon as possible. 

4. If the temperature is warm and the rinks are covered with a significant amount of water. 

Rules and Regulations:

Rules are posted in each warming house. Warming house attendants will enforce the policies to ensure the safety of all skaters and spectators using the park facility. 

Please note, shooting pucks or playing open hockey is only allowed at Bloomfield Park and Jaycee Park rinks.