Next Steps

Grieving the loss of a family member can be an emotional and intense process. Here are some resources to help you as you work through your grieving process and take care of some of their day-to-day commitments. 

  1. Funeral Arrangements
  2. Common Scams
  3. Handling the Process
  4. Dealing with Grief

Local Funeral Homes

Klecatsky and Sons

  • Offering burial, cremation, and green burial (tree planting) options
  • Payment options available
  • 3 locations
  • Klecatsky and Sons website

White Funeral Home

Starkson Family Life Celebration

Henry W. Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services

Items Needed for Funeral Arrangement

  • Social Security number
  • Veterans benefits (if applicable)
  • Vital records: 
    • Birthplace and date of birth
    • Mothers full name and birthplace
    • Father's full name and birthplace
  • Insurance companies
  • Obituary notices
  • Clothing 
  • Photographs