What is required of the public water suppliers as the regulated group?
All public water suppliers are required to manage an inner-wellhead management zone, a 200-foot radius surrounding a public water supply, by:

  • Maintaining adequate isolation distances for newly-installed potential sources of contamination
  • Monitoring existing potential sources of contamination
  • Implementing wellhead protection measures for potential contaminant sources

In addition, owners and operators of a public water supply must prepare a Wellhead Protection Plan, which includes:

  • A map showing the delineated wellhead protection areas
  • A vulnerability assessment of the wells and the wellhead protection areas
  • An inventory of potential sources of contamination within the wellhead protection areas
  • A plan to manage and monitor existing and proposed potential sources of contamination
  • A contingency strategy for an alternative emergency water supply

For additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at (651) 322-2022.

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