Why is my street always the last one to get plowed?
Certain roads in our community fall under County or State jurisdiction. These roads include:
  • County Road 33 (Diamond Path)
  • County Road 42
  • County Road 38 (McAndrews Road)
  • County Road 46 (160th Street)
  • Hwy 3 (South Robert Trail)
  • Hwy 52
  • Hwy 55

All other City streets (excluding those in private developments) are plowed by the Rosemount Public Works Department according to the following priorities:

1. Main thoroughfares
2. Streets providing access to schools and commercial businesses
3. Low volume residential streets
4. City parking lots and ice rinks, and certain sidewalks and trails

In most cases, plowing will commence after snowfall exceeds two inches and will continue until all streets are cleared of snow and ice. Generally, for snowfall events that begin after 6:00 P.M., plowing will begin the following morning at 2:00 A.M.

Visit the Maps page to see the priority plowing map, the trail and sidewalk plowing map, and other City maps.

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2. Why is my street always the last one to get plowed?
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